About us


PHYTOPHARMA Ltd. was founded in 1998 with the mission to develop and produce effective food supplements in soft gelatin capsules. The management of PHYTOPHARMA Ltd. and the production premises are located in a building, located in the industrial zone between the town of Troyan and the village of Oreshak. In 2021, the latest high-tech production capacity was put into operation, which increased production capacity, strengthened existing traditions in quality and ability for produce VEGAN softgel capsules. From its inception until today, the company produces soft gelatin capsules based on vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and essential oils.The production equipment is a modern automatic system for soft suture and seamless gelatin capsules. It meets modern requirements for quality and safety and has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. For quality assurance and control, the HACCP system has been introduced, which is strictly observed by the team of highly qualified specialists of the company. PHYTOPHARMA Ltd. manufactures its products in full compliance with current Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of food and food additives.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to develop highly effective nutritional supplements. We present our products in a correct and useful way. The pricing policy in determining the prices of our food supplements makes them affordable for anyone who can benefit from them. Company policy is not to use in our production raw materials derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In PHYTOPHARMA Ltd. we do things differently!
Each product is provided in a dose that is effective, safe and free of side effects. Our balanced approach to health and well-being combines the "wisdom of nature and the tradition of herbal medicine" with the "power of science" by integrating the benefits of conventional pharmacology and alternative medicine. We develop modern natural products, setting a new standard of living.

A wide range of natural products for your well-being from PHYTOPHARMA Ltd. Draw up your long-term strategy for a healthy life. Be calm and healthy in the new century!