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Feature: The Yarrow is an identified mixture of more than 100 biologically active compounds. The leaves and flowers contain volatile essential oil with properties that encourage and support a number of physiological states of the body. The components of this essential oil include borneol, camphor and eugenol. The oil contains azulene and chamazulene, which have anti-inflammatory and antispastic properties. The tannins from the plant have astringent and antiseptic properties. The achillein alkaloid contained, has been proven to help control internal and external bleeding. Alkamides, coumarone and flavonoids such as apigenin and rutin also help reduce inflammation and smooth muscle relieve. Yarrow also contains bitter compounds, sterols, lactones and betaine. Yarrow helps the body to reduce harmful microorganisms.

Traditional Uses: Yarrow helps to stop bleeding and promote wound healing. No coincidence that the name of the plant is named after the legendary Greek hero Achilles in the Trojan War when they used the herb to stop bleeding from wounds received in battle.

Chinese medicine also uses the haemostatic properties of Yarrow. Used as a tool to help blood circulation and tone the veins. Used as a support of liver function.

Yarrow has a beneficial effect on the digestive system as a stomach tonic.

In the form of gelatine capsules Yarrow is applied as an aid for menstrual cycle in women, as it helps relieve spasms and helps regulate monthly bleeding.

Yarrow contributes to good and restful sleep and improves appetite.

Application: Yarrow oil as a food supplement is used as an aid to the diet that:
- supports the function of the digestive and respiratory systems;
- favours the liver and gallbladder;
- promotes good appetite and sleep;
- helps regulate monthly bleeding in women.

Directions: One or two capsules three times daily with meals.


  • Keep the container out of children’s reach!
  • Should not be taken by children!
  • Should not be taken by pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy and nursing mothers!
  • If you are allergic or have an illness, consult a physician before use!
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
  • The product is not a substitute for a varied diet!



In one capsule:

In six capsules:

Recommended maximum daily dose*:

Yarrow essential oil

7 mg

42 mg

Not established

* In accordance with Ordinance № 47 on the requirements for food supplements.

Standardization: TD 16.04.
Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at moderate temperature.
Packing: PP bottle of 60 capsules and instructions for use.
Shelf life: Two years from date of manufacture.

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